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The Best Stock Illustration Portfolios in Adobe Stock

Let’s be honest… it is impossible to say which are the best stock images or illustrations because the things people like are subjective. And in the case of stock images also the usage determines what kind of image is the best.

However, in this post, I’ve selected 8 stock illustration portfolios in Adobe Stock that I personally find visually most pleasing.

Gone are the days when best-selling stock images were the classic businesspeople shaking hands in the office environment. Today, the visual look of the stock images is far more important… and yes, when you look at these stock illustrations, you understand why. Who would buy something else after seeing these?

These portfolios and artists have been featured several times on Adobe Stock’s “Recent Top Sellers” page in the Contributor portal. That means these are not only beautiful portfolios and skillful artists but also top-selling ones!

Furthermore, all the artists included in the list exclusively showcase their expertise as traditional digital artists, with no AI-generated images featured in their portfolios.

These portfolios represent an excellent insight into current stock illustration trends and what kind of illustrations are selling in today’s stock image market.

Let’s dive into them!

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Monsitj – Futuristic Tech & Data Illustrations

Monsitj creates some of the most amazing Tech & Data stock image backgrounds. Even though the artist is contributing in a niche that is very highly competitive, Monsitj often is found in Adobe Stock’s “recent top sellers” list. The stock illustration market is full of similar types of images, but Monsitj takes it to the next level. The use of color and lighting effects is out of this world. No doubt, the artist is a master in graphic design.

Monsitj's best stock images in Adobe Stock
Abstract Futuristic infographic with Visual data complexity, represent Big data concept, node base programming.

Kopikoo – Soft & Creamy 3D Stock Backgrounds

Kopikoo’s stock illustration portfolio is amazing. Most of Kopikoo’s illustrations are made by 3D applications, and everything looks so easy. But that cannot be further from the truth. The color and light are perfect, beautiful use of shadows and arrangement of the objects. The composition is so beautiful. My simple mind can’t comprehend how something so simple is made to look so awesome… Poor me…

kopikoo's best stock images in Adobe Stock
3D podium display on beige, background with stone, wood, and dry pampas grass.

Spainter_vfx – Hi-Tech 3D & Illustration Backgrounds

Spainter_vfx’s stock image backgrounds are one of my personal favorites. The portfolio is full of amazing hi-tech-related 3D and 2D backgrounds. The lighting effects and colors are mindblowing. The images really give a sense of hi-tech in them. The images are complex and detailed yet so very simple and beautiful at the same time! What can I say…

spainter_vfx's best stock images in Adobe Stock
Abstraction illustration binary code strings are processed by the computer’s motherboard. Background from lines of binary code. Background with a depth of field and bokeh. 3d rendering

Siarhei – Science & Technology Backgrounds

Siarhei is another Tech illustrator. The artist’s portfolio is full of the most beautiful 3D and 2D backgrounds. The color and lights are perfect, and the shallow depth of field effect makes everything look amazing. Siarhei is regularly featured on Adobe Stock’s “recent top sellers” list. Great stuff… I want to see more!

Siarhei's best stock images in Adobe Stock
AI technology. Abstract model molecule. Digital technologies in genetic engineering. Crystal lattice structure. Research in molecular synthesis. 3D illustration with HUD element

Bestpixels – Cartoony Stock Images of 3D Characters In Work & Business

Bestpixels is one of those magic artists who appear on the “recent top sellers” list regularly. Bestpixels’ portfolio consists of images of funny cartoony-looking 3D characters in everyday life and business situations. The images burst with positive energy and a warm attitude. No wonder the artist is one of the best-selling ones. Uniqueness and positivity are the winning combinations.

bestpixels' best stock images in Adobe Stock
Cartoony business team in the office

Grandfailure – Mindblowing Sci-Fi & Fantasy Digital Paintings

Grandfailure is far away from a failure. That’s what I’m saying. Just take a look at the artist’s portfolio, and you’ll understand. Grandfailure’s portfolio consists of hundreds of most beautiful fantasy and science fiction illustrations. I have no words… the pieces are just amazing. Grandfailure is living proof that artistic images can be sold as stock images and make decent money. Long live Grandfailure! I’m a fan!

grandfailure's best stock images in Adobe Stock
futuristic samurai standing on a building in cyberpunk city at rainy night, digital art style, illustration painting

Cofeee – Cartoony, Cute And Yet Powerful Illustrations

Cofeee has such a unique style. Honestly… my simple mind can’t describe this style.. please help me. All I can say is… It’s awesome! There are cute bunnies and teddy bears looking at you with their big cute eyes, and your heart melts into the sauce… What I’m supposed to say. Just take a look into her portfolio and be ready to melt…

cofeee's best stock images in Adobe Stock
cute little white cartoon hare

Fran_kie – Unconventional Stock Images Of Human Inner Life

Fran_kie’s portfolio may be the most unique in the history of stock imagery… but what do I know? The portfolio is full of images that everybody can relate to in a way or another. Even though the style seems a bit dark, there’s still a hint of positivity in them. I have to say that I love it!

fran-kie's best stock images in Adobe Stock
surreal concept head in the clouds

hd3dsh – Convenient On Trend 3D Stock Illustrations

Oh my goodness, hd3dsh’s portfolio is simply mind-blowing! From Back to School to Valentine’s Day, this collection is like a holiday extravaganza on steroids! It’s got all the holidays and events covered, like a superhero saving the day for marketers in need. And let’s not forget about the on-trend styles and colors that will make any designer swoon with delight! It’s a real quick-fix solution that’s impossible to resist!


There are so many talented stock illustrators out there, and the ones I’ve selected here in this post are only the tip of the iceberg.

All of the artists here have been featured in Adobe Stock’s “Recent Top Sellers” list in the past 3-4 months or so. Some more and some fewer times. So they are all the best-selling stock image contributors.

Following the “Recent Top Sellers” list is an excellent way to track current visual trends in the stock image market. The list is based on the uploads/sales ratio of images uploaded in the past 6 months.

Many of the best-selling portfolios are unique in style and/or include images of very skilled graphic designs.

Stock Photography used to be boring images of businesspeople shaking hands and other similar staged situations. Not anymore. Now also artistic images and illustrations can make decent sales.

In fact, with stock illustrations, there’s a better chance to earn decent money than with photography unless you’re doing lifestyle and people images. That’s because stock illustrations are not yet as saturated market as stock photos are.

However, quality is high and it gets higher year after year. So if you’re planning to dive into stock illustrations it’s better to make them high-quality. Otherwise, you may be only wasting your time…

Thanks for reading =)

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