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Can You Sell Stock Photography on Multiple Sites?

Selling stock photos is a quantity game as much as it is a quality game. The more photos you have out there, the more opportunities for people to purchase your stock photos. One way to widen your stock photography reach is to consider selling on multiple stock photo sites. But is this feasible?

You can sell stock photos on multiple sites as long as you don’t have an exclusive contract with any of the stock agencies. Having more stock photography sites where you upload your work helps you to get more exposure for your stock photos and increase the potential to make more sales.

In this post, I’ll discuss the benefits and restrictions of selling stock photos on multiple stock photography sites.

The following information applies not only to stock photos, but any other type of stock medium as well, including illustrations, vectors, and videos.

Can you sell stock photos on multiple sites?

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Benefits of Selling on Multiple Stock Photography Sites?

Selling stock photos on multiple stock photography sites can be an excellent way for photographers to maximize their earnings. Not only will it provide more exposure and the potential to reach a wider audience, but it can also help photographers diversify their income.

By having stock images featured on multiple sites, photographers will benefit from the increased visibility they get from each site’s own base of customers. This is especially true if the photographer has images in different genres or topics that might appeal to distinct groups of customers. This can result in more sales since it increases the chances of someone stumbling upon one of your images and making a purchase.

Not only that, but uploading photos to multiple websites can also benefit from earning royalties. Different sites may have different payment structures and offer different rates for each photo sold.

Additionally, uploading your photos to various stock photography sites allows you to spread out your risk by diversifying your income streams so that if one website experiences a dip in sales, you won’t feel as much of an impact as you would if all your photos were concentrated in just one place.

Finally, there are also advantages when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). Having your images on multiple websites means more opportunities for exposure as users search for certain keywords or topics related to what you’re photographing—which could lead to more sales and traffic coming back to your own website or portfolio page.

Are There Any Restrictions to Selling Stock Photos on Multiple Sites?

Selling stock photos on multiple sites can be an attractive way to increase your income as a photographer. However, as with many forms of business, there are some restrictions to consider before beginning to sell on multiple sites.

For example, if you are an exclusive photographer for specific agencies, such as IStock for example, then you can’t sign up for other sites too. Being exclusive on IStock means that you can only contribute to them and nowhere else, not even with different photos that you have uploaded on IStock.

Also, if you have stock photos exclusively available through an agency such as Dreamstime, then those stock photos cannot be uploaded to and sold on any other sites. However, you can still upload different stock photos to other sites in order to diversify your stock photo portfolios and increase your sales potential.

And finally, if you are selling stock photos with a rights-managed license on one site, like Alamy for example, they cannot be sold under a royalty-free license on different sites. However, they could be sold under a rights-managed license on other sites. Therefore it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the terms of usage for stock photo sites before selling stock images.

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Can Multiple People Buy The Same Stock Photo?

The beauty of stock photography lies in its flexibility, allowing the same photo to be licensed multiple times, even by more than one person.

If your photos have not been exclusively sold, they can be purchased more than once. This means multiple people can buy the same stock photo for their projects.

Many people don’t realize that stock photography can be a fantastic source of revenue. Even though a single image only sells for a few dollars, the sales volume can be enormous.

The royalty-free license allows stock photos to be used multiple times and on multiple sites, and stock photographers can earn a passive income from their content.


The great thing about royalty-free stock photography is its flexibility – the same photo can be licensed multiple times and on several different platforms.

What this means is that your photos don’t have to be exclusive; they can earn you money again and again as long as they meet the criteria of each specific platform.

Plus, with more images available across more sites, there’s a greater chance of someone finding them and buying them – increasing your overall revenue as a result.

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