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What Does Editorial Only Mean On Adobe Stock?

If you’ve ever come up with a label saying “Editorial Only” on an image or video on Adobe Stock, you might be wondering what it means.

Let’s dive deeper into what editorial only means on Adobe Stock and how it affects the usage of these assets.

What does editorial only mean on adobe stock

What is Editorial Content?

Editorial content refers to images, videos, or illustrations that are used for non-commercial purposes, such as news reporting, criticism, or documentary.

On Adobe Stock this kind of content usually includes brand logos or trademarks that you cannot use for commercial purposes without obtaining permission from the owner.

However, you can use these editorial assets for informational or educational purposes, as long as you credit the creator and follow any other restrictions mentioned in the license agreement.

Images that are editorial in Adobe Stock are marked with "Editorial only" label
Images that are editorial in Adobe Stock are marked with an “Editorial only” label

How Editorial Content is Different from Commercial Content?

While commercial content can be used for any purpose, including advertising and marketing, editorial content has limitations on its usage.

This is because using brand logos or trademarks in a commercial context without permission can lead to trademark infringement issues.

Moreover, editorial content often captures events, people, or places that may not have model or property releases, making it unsuitable for commercial purposes where these releases are required.

Therefore, it is important to always check the content’s license agreement and usage restrictions before using it for any purpose.

Why Editorial Content is Important?

Editorial content plays a crucial role in providing a visual representation of current events and news stories.

It allows journalists, bloggers, and other content creators to add relevant and engaging visuals to their articles without having to worry about obtaining permission from the subjects or locations in the images.

How to Search for Editorial-Only Content on Adobe Stock?

To find editorial-only content on Adobe Stock, simply use the search filters and select “Editorial Use” under the “Usage Rights” category. This will display all available editorial content that can be licensed for use.

editorial use search on adobe stock
To find editorial content only use the filters and select the “Editorial Use” filter


Editorial content on Adobe Stock offers a unique and valuable resource for creators looking to enhance their storytelling with relevant and authentic visuals.

By understanding the differences between editorial and commercial content, and properly adhering to usage restrictions, we can continue to utilize these assets in ethical and impactful ways.

So, next time you are creating an article or blog post, consider using editorial content from Adobe Stock to elevate your storytelling and provide a more immersive experience for your audience.